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Frequent Asked Questions
Please read this before using live chat.

Do i need a tracking number

You can request not to pay for the tracking number - you will need to signup a contract were it states you know the risk and that we will not refund you if it is shipping with untracked shipping. We will not bare the loss. Please send us an email with the request. CHeckout as the you would normal would do and note down the 4 digit order number. We will aprove the request and give you a go to pay without taking tracking. Big items like tablets and phones will NEVER be send with free airmail.

Why do you force us to buy a tracking number?

Lrapshop has almost 4 years expierence in the field of shipping to countries were the postal system doesnt seem to be that good. When we introduced our free shipping alot of packages went lost. We never actually got the reason for that. When we introduced the tracked shipping we actualy saw a loss rate decrease. We tried to maintain the free airmail post, but it seemed like we were the victim of our popularity. People begun telling us that we migt be just scammers and dont send products... that hurt us alot. Because of that we made sure we have the final proof that we shipped it, a tracking number (: We do not force people to use a tracking number, but that we ask them to write that down when they order. People need to know about the risk of shipping, so we can do better bussines.

If I pay via EgoPay will my item be shipped right away

No , we will not ship the item until the payment has cleared. For larger payment this can take up to 30 days.

How long does it take to get my product.

For free shipping it can take 15-45 days. Normally it takes 2-3 weeks. If you would like faster shipping than what is available and cost 35$, Cheap slow shipping cost 2.5$.

I ordered on your site before, but I didn't received the items and I did get a refund of, can I still buy at lrapshop?

You can still buy from us. Although since you already had an order with us that got refunded, it seems that your address is not valid or the region were you are is unsafe. Thats why, if you buy again, you take the full responsibility. We will not cover your insurance. In this case we suggest you to take tracked shipping. It will although cost more money. Please contact us to get a qoute.

When my package can't be delivered, and is returned to you, do I still get a full refund?

When we receive back a package that didn't arrive because they couldn't deliver it, your responsible to pay for the shipping loss. This is 25-35% of the package. We will give you the choice between a resend too a different address (15% fee) or a refund (30-35% restock fee/shipment loss fee).�Fees may varry.

Is there a spending limit?

Yes we have a limit on payments made via payza (former Alertpay). All other currencies no limit.

Payza/AlertPay Payment Policies.
New customers spending limit: 25$ with 2-3 days holding time.
Returning customers do not have a limit!

Do you ship worldwide?

We can ship worldwide and insurred (45 days refund if not received). Only colombia we have special rules on insurance.

Will i be charged tax.

We will not charge any tax due to different countries. You may be charged an import fee/customs fee for importing goods depending on your country by the governmental customs and their policys.

I did not receive my item.

Please wait 45 days since we shipped your order before telling us. If not received after 45 days we will look into it.

What happens when I dont receive my package after 45 days?

You contact us, we ask the supplier to track your package. If it seems the package is lost after investigation you will be eligible for a total refund or a resend. Understand in this case we are the third party who helps you to get a refund. Since your paying for our service and the product.

Do you hold payments made with payza/alertpay?

All payments made via payza/alertpay are held for 3-5 days due to chargebacks. We will not ship your item till the payment has cleared after 3-5 days.

Do you hold payments made with egopay, perfect money, bitcoins, skrill or solidtrustpay?

No, we order as we see your order. (:

How much time do we have to pay for an item.
You have 3 days time to pay your order or it will be canceled. Items will not be sent until you have paid for them.

I paid, but i didnt see my product update...

Some orders are also manually checked for payment. You may have a wait a few hours for us to check order before we can update status.

- What payment options do you accept?
We currently accept payments from payza/Alertpay , Libertyreserve, Perfect Money.

-What if i dont have payza, Alertpay or Libertyreserve, perfect money or solidtrustpay?
You can sign up for free. Its very similar to paypal , payza, former alertpay accepts credits cards and bank deposits. All information can be found on their websites.payza click here, solidtrustpay


Is their warranty on electronic products?

It depends from wich supplier you buy from. Since we list products from some online shops. Different rules for different items. When an item arrives, you need to contact us asap. Don't forget to attach pictures. Some vendors also offer 1 year guarantee. Although on gadgets its limited.

Where can i find support?

We offer a live chat. Due to different time zones we are sometimes not online. We are mostly online around GMT +1:00 6pm. However, you can always mail us with this .

What I didnt receive it after 45 days of shipping?

This page tells you everything what you have to know.

Can you tell us how your shop works?

1. Choose the product

2. Register on our site

3. Go to checkout

4. Choose the shipping company (when shipped you will receive a tracking code so you can follow your product.

5. Pay for the product

6. 3 days holding time if your new and paid with alertpay or 0 days waiting time for other e-currencies

7. We order for you , with your address at the vendor
8. We update the status to processing

9. Shipper tells us it has been send
10. We update the status manually

11. Waiting is terrible (:�
12. After 45 days 95% of our packets arrive.�
13. If you didnt receive the package after 45 days, contact us, we will ask the vendor a refund or a resend.
14. Make a picture for us (-:

15. order again (;

When we see your payment we will order your product. Simple as that.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us

Last Updated: 24 MAY 2014


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